This is Leuchten + Metall Technik GmbH

Your project. Our expertise. Common success.


Founding year






Successful projects

The vision: Where do we see ourselves in the long term?

As a provider for complex luminaire- and metal constructions we create high-graded solutions for technical and architechtual areas of application and highest requirements. Our longtime experience allows us to coordinate projects holistically and systemtically in terms of our customers and also see the big picture when it comes to answering complex questions.

The mission: What is our job?

We develop tailored solutions for your lighting or metal construction project.
From the first draft to installation on site: We see our customers as partners and work with them to bring their ideas to life, whether they need a single part, a full solution, a serial product or a special construction.

As an economic company in the region of Middle Franconia, we are aware of our social and ecological responsibility. The developments and implementations of our technological solutions are always following the principles of sustainability.

LMT projects are constructed thoughtfully
When starting the development of a new product we are always driven by  principles of Downsizing. Our credo is: We construct products with maximal efficiency by optimal exploitation of technical spaces.

LMT products are produced precisly
The use of a technological high-graded machinery enables the production of elements for top requirements. Short setup-times and maximal precision are the base for high graded products.

LMT products are long-lasting
Our engeneering experts pay heed to the selection of the best materials possible not only for particular areas of operation but also showing the maximum lifespan possible.

LMT products go easy on resources
We keep our CO2 footprint at a minimum by using our own in-house photovoltaic plant and heat recovery system. The usage of high-graded production machines contributes to the minimization of our the energy consumtion.

The cornerstones: Our corporate politcal values


Our management system is designed to implement our customer’s requirements on schedule through preventive error avoidance and to constantly improve ourselves.


We take responsibility for environmental protection for our products as well as for our suppliers, as far as our activities are affected

Innovative and flexible

We achieve our claim of being “flexible, innovative and of the highest quality” through continuous development in all fields, particularly through further training of employees and the use of state-of-the-art production processes.

Quality management

We commit ourselves to live the processes introduced within the quality management system, and to constantly improve them for the benefit of our customers. Compliance with all laws and standards is taken for granted in this context.

Partnership and security

We involve our customers, employees and suppliers as partners into our development and manufacturing process.
Everyone in our company, whether they are managers or employees, is equally responsible for the quality of the products, because quality is produced.
It is always our goal to provide our employees with secure jobs and to counteract risks in a preventive manner.