Core competences of LMT

LMT Leuchten + Metall Technik GmbH specialises in the development and the production of tailor-made solutions for lighting projects and metal work. Our portfolio comprises lighting tubes and fixtures for train stations, products for technical lighting, various solutions for the illumination of architectural objects as well as housings and metal parts for medical technology, machinery, interior construction and art objects. With the LED luminaire families YECTO, LYCA und LYSO, LMT provides serial products, which perfectly suit the needs of an energy efficient illumination of offices, schools, retail shops and also residential buildings.

All of our individual lighting solutions are based on the design idea of the planner. The technology and shape of each of our lighting fixtures are tailored to the architecture and function they are
intended for in co-operation with the customer. Upon request, we evaluate the lighting design and effect in a real or a virtual environment and adapt them as needed for each project. This allows us to offer concept-compliant solutions for every lighting scenario using our extensive knowledge on manufacturing single and serial luminaires.

Development and design

Our in-house development and design division provides sophisticated solutions of lighting, metal and technological tasks from a single source. In close co-operation with our customers – lighting designers, architects and owners – we develop solution concepts in accordance with their individual specifications. Thanks to the use of parametric 3D design software in all project phases, our designers are able to import existing CAD data of customers and planners into our system and continue working directly on this basis. In this way we develop in close dialog with our customers the lighting technology and shaping of each product with perfect adaption to architecture and function.

Lighting planning

Up to a certain extent, our in-house lighting designers can solve lighting tasks by using special lighting design programs. This allows to visualise various interior and exterior illumination scenarios with LMT luminaires already during the planning process. For complex lighting situations and extensive projects we integrate the expertise of renowned lighting designers. Interdisciplinary cooperation with specialists for control, media and stage technology enables us to implement lighting scenarios exactly according to the specifications of our customers.

Simulation + visualisation

Right from the start of the product development process, our designers apply rendering and simulation software to generate photorealistic images of the preliminary products and place them in the intended environment. Furthermore they are able to visualise the structural-mechanical and thermal product behaviour by means of FEM analyses. Today, the precision of this method usually replaces the time-consuming and costly construction of physical prototypes.

Prototype and sample construction

In spite of existing digital and virtual possibilities for analyses and visualisations it is nevertheless often necessary to construct prototypes or luminaire samples: for presentations, lighting tests and for the evaluation of shaping and haptic of a product in the original scale or to demonstrate the light effect on-site. Thanks to our flexible production, this can be realised without problems.

Series production

For the fabrication of small and medium series of high-quality metal products, our experienced manufacturing team uses an innovative machine pool in our in-house production facility. LMT products are sustainable by principle: due to their thoroughly design and utmost manufacturing precision, they guarantee durability and save resources. Furthermore we keep our CO2 footprint at a minimum by using our own solar energy plant on our companies roofs.

Individual solutions

For the individual lighting or metal projects of our customers we develop tailor made solutions either by customising our serial luminaires or by designing completely new products.  From the first draft to the installation on site: We see our customers as partners and work with them to bring their ideas to life, no matter whether they need a full solution, a single luminaire, series-produced parts or special products.

Contract production

We provide job order production services for our customers, concerning complete products as well as single metal parts or assembly units.

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