Sustainability at LMT

Long-term thinking. For a future worth living.

For us as a medium-sized lighting and metal construction company, sustainability means one thing above all other: the sensible use of the available resources. By this we mean not only an optimum configuration of production and development processes in the economic sense, but above all the respectful treatment of our ecological and social environment. We are firmly convinced that each of us must make a contribution for the positive development of our planet. Because only hand-in-hand can we succeed in satisfying the needs of the present generation without compromising the opportunities of future generations.

77 %

of our annual energy consumption is covered by generating our own electricity.

For three years now, we have been working almost 100 % CO² neutral at our site in Hilpoltstein, in our production facility as well as in all other departments. The major portion of our energy requirements is met by our in-house photovoltaic system. In order to cover peak demand, we purchase electricity from renewable energy sources (such as hydropower) from external suppliers. By continuously improving our production facilities in recent years, we have been able to minimize our basical energy requirements step by step.

Our branch office in Berlin also uses CO²-neutral electricity.

We are one of the few production companies with an environmental certificate according to DIN ISO 14001. For many years we have been disposing of all metal parts (e.g. grids, sheets) at a recognised recycling company.

Our recycling concept involves, for example, that we separately return scrapped electronic ballasts into the recycling loop via the Lightcycle Foundation. This ensures that all raw materials are recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

In June 2018 we started to operate an Airco nitrogen generation plant including pressure treatment. It is based on the so-called PSAL technology, the nitrogen produced is suitable for laser cutting.

For us, this system is a sort of intermediate energy storage for the electricity generated outside of company operating hours by our photovoltaic system on the roof, so it is used in a sensible and sustainable way.

We also act sustainably with our range of fresh fruit for employees and customers. We only use seasonal fruit from regional fruit growers to keep transport distances as short as possible and make a small contribution to reducing traffic on the roads.

In order to reduce CO² emissions due to customer visits by our sales staff as much as possible, we have converted our car pool to hybrid vehicles. By using the purely electric drive, we can avoid unnecessary emissions as far as possible, at least within cities. For quite some time now, we have been using a purely electric Renault Twizy for short-trip drivings. When purchasing forklifts, we decide for electric vehicles.

In addition, we actively participate in the JobRad program: this way our employees stay fit and can also get to work in an environmentally friendly way – by bike.

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