• Klinikum Nord Nürnberg LMT

Klinikum Nord | Nuremberg

Applied products

Dr.-Theo-Schöller-House – Foyer lighting

  • Deflection mirror 1200×1200mm
  • Light units decontaminated with triple wall console
  • Light sources HIT 150W

Dr.-Hans-Birkner-House – Atrium lighting

  • Tree-structures made of stainless steel
  • Radiator units with high-polish reflectors
  • Light sources TC-L 18W

Dr.-Hans-Birkner-House – hallway lighting

  • Wall lighting with matt diffusor lighting
  • Light sources 1x TC-L 57W, dimmable 1-10V


Schuster Pechtold Schmidt Architekten GmbH, München (Dr.-Theo-Schöller-House)

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