Football stadium and park area | Krasnodar

Applied products

Stadion illumination

Special luminaires

  • Minimised downlights and uplights with special attachments for the illumiantion of the facade columns and the intermediate steel lamellas of ten metres hight
  • Recessed ceiling luminaires for ticket booths and arcade areas
  • Mast luminaires at the forecourt
  • Ceiling luminaires for the VIP car park

Park illumination

Standard products

  • YECTO 1.R uplights with tree grate adaptors, 4 uplights at each tree
  • asymmetrical underseat luminaires SLOPE .o for park benches

Special luminaires

  • Mast luminaires
  • Light steles in different lengths
  • Bollard luminaires
  • Path luminaires
  • Wall floodlights
  • Linear step lumianires


gmp / Volkwin Marg and Hubert Nienhoff with Igor Markov and Sergej Galitsky

Lighting design

Conceptlicht GmbH, Traunreut



Further project images

Picture source: 1-6 Adel Bikulov, gmp; 7-9 haver&boecker