Intelligent light control by LMT

Hilpoltstein, 17. February 2020 – In order to meet the growing demand for individual lighting solutions, LMT Leuchten + Metall Technik GmbH is now offering a cost-effective solution: PICO lightnode is an additional module for luminaires, which is already equipped ex works with predefined, intelligent function modules.

Universal control system for maximum flexibility

Based on open source technology, the PICO lightnode is a decentralized control unit that, due to its compatibility, can be easily combined with different standard ballasts, such as DALI or DMX, to create individual light control. Open interfaces help with intelligently linking of various technologies such as wired BUS systems, Bluetooth, WiFi or proprietary protocols for transmitting commands.
The technology is industrially scalable due to the capacity of the PICO lightnode. Up to 32 luminaires can be controlled by means of one board (also called a cell). It is irrelevant whether it is integrated in the luminaire housing or arranged at an external point to which all other ballasts are connected. By means of links, these boards can be combined into networks, so that an organism is created from a single intelligently controlled luminaire.

IoT combined to create an extensive HCL application

The most widely used application of intelligent lighting control is Human Centric Lighting (HCL). Biologically effective light is used to influence human well-being, performance and health. This is made possible by our own body: the human eye perceives the changing spectral composition of sunlight during the day (reddish warm in the morning and evening; bluish bright during the day), whereby the body reacts to it with different hormone releases depending on the composition of the light.
These hormones calibrate our inner clock (circadian rhythm). HCL thus stands for a concept that provides people with the intended light at all times – whether in their own home, at work, at school or in public institutions. With the PICO lightnode, a wide variety of lighting scenarios can be operated as ex-factory.
Since computing chips, sensors, data storage or software systems are nowadays used in many things of daily life, and these are connected to each other via the Internet, the resulting data can be easily linked to the PICO lightnode. This allows for additional use cases where light is to be linked to other functionalities.

PICO lightnode allows for high cost efficiency

The PICO lightnode does not require any additional network or IT infrastructure and central control system, as each board can be used as its own network. This allows many cells to be connected to a complete network of cross-functional tasks. The programming of the controller is based on common HTML5 standards, which avoids additional costs caused by expensive programming.

LMT´s digital solutions support intelligent lighting control

The digitization of products, services and manufacturing is progressing with great strides. The basis for this is a fast and individual process from the lighting idea to the product to the perfect result.
The digital service portfolio of LMT Leuchten + Metall Technik GmbH consists of an APP for convincing presentation of ideas to the customer, BIM data for the planning, documentation and maintenance management of buildings, as well as the PICO lightnode as a control system. Components and series products can thus be quickly adapted to project-specific conditions or can be developed in a coordinated way. Thus, light distribution curves and data at LMT can be simulated with high accuracy even before the first production steps and provided for the planning process.
Because not only do perfect planning and precise products contribute to a positive user experience of light, but the overall picture is crucial: the interaction of planning, manufacturing, product, assembly and control ultimately convinces the users, that they do work and reside in the best light with the highest quality for them.